For Autoimmunity

An inner circle for Autoimmune Rebels who are committed to living life on THEIR terms.


Led by Dr. Connie Jeon



Your brain is the ultimate powerhouse, capable of healing your body. Learn how you can clear the cobwebs of your mind that are perpetuating your disease.



Experience our YOGA (Your Opportunity for Growth and Abundance). Learn how you can use Yoga as a state of BEING on your Self Healing Journey.



Cultivate lasting relationships with those who support your health and growth. You'll gain accountability, coaching, and mentorship to stay on track toward your goals.

Most conventional healing methods focus on autoimmune symptoms. Symptoms are the result of imbalances in the body. Imbalances in the body are created from your brain.


We believe healing is an inside job. In our Self Empowered Healing Circle, we are focused on putting you back in control over your health and life.


Because the truth is, nobody else can do the healing for you. You must rise up and become a Self Empowered Healer.


"I am loving the online Yoga and Meditation classes with Dr. Connie! I have been practicing Yoga for years and I am learning all the things I had forgotten about proper alignment. It is refreshing to have classes that center on health, 

wellness, and healing.


Dr. Connie and Gina are great at cueing you for poses and explaining what you should feel, as well as offering alternative poses. If you think you cannot do Yoga, I recommend you try the Self Empowered Healing Circle for Autoimmunity!"



"The Self Empowered Healing Circle classes are helping me to "center" myself and learn how my body works. They allow me to tune into my own breath, body, and movement which extends above the physical realm.


If you are on the fence, you can be sure that this is so much more than striking a pose. It's truly a transformational journey that teaches you to heal yourself from the inside-out."





Living with autoimmunity requires mental resilience. You have a choice at all times: you can choose to succumb to your disease, or you can choose to use autoimmunity as a catalyst for ultimate healing transformation.


When it comes to healing, it's not all about what you "do". You must change the way you are BEING in order to shift from sickness to health once and for all.


It's time to regain control over your health and life by rewiring your mind.

Self Empowered Healing Circle Membership


The Self Empowered Healing Circle is open for enrollment for our Legacy Members, or founding members, for $49/month.


Each month we will provide themed yoga, meditation, and coaching to help you become a fully Self Empowered Healer. You will become part of an elevated community and cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded Autoimmune Rebels.


Commitment: We require you to commit to at least 3 months of membership after signing up. This is to ensure consistency and commitment to yourself, which will lead to lasting results on your Self Healing Journey.

June 2021


Theme: Making the "Impossible" "I'm Possible"


Unlock your healing potential by revealing your limiting beliefs and fears about your health. Eradicating stress and fear allows you to step into new possibilities.


Live Yoga sessions 3x per week

Live Meditation sessions 1x per week

July 2021


Theme: Inner Shift for Inner Peace


Stop looking outside of you for answers to your problems and symptoms. What got you here isn't going to get you where you want to go. Learn your inner foundation, alignment, and core values to create the health and life of your dreams. When you have inner peace, healing is inevitable.


Live Yoga sessions 3x per week

Live Meditation sessions 1x per week

August 2021


Theme: Obstacles are Opportunities for Growth


How do you react when you are faced with challenges in life? It's important to reveal how you react so that you can learn to "respond" with wisdom and recognize that life is full of polarity and paradox. Resilience builds when you are willing to feel the discomfort in order to grow.


Live Yoga sessions 3x per week

Live Meditation sessions 1x per week


Class times below are in Eastern Time



Healing Yoga with Dr. Connie

4:00-5:00 PM ET



Healing Yoga with Gina

11:00-11:45 AM ET


Self Healing Meditation with Dr. Connie

5:00-5:30 PM ET



Healing Yoga with Dr. Connie

9:00-10:00 AM ET


Over 100 Yoga And Meditation Classes In The Member Portal To Suit Your Needs


Yoga Recordings

  • Healing Autoimmunity with Yoga
  • Posture and Alignment Yoga
  • Cultivating Mindfulness Yoga
  • Healing Your Body Through Yoga

Meditation Recordings

  • Doing Your Best
  • Effortlessness
  • Giving Yourself Love and Kindness
  • Your Body is Your Home
  • Using Mindfulness to Become Who You Want to Be


And Much More!

Dr. Connie and Gina are amazing! I am very new to Yoga and in my early 60s. I was very wary, thinking I couldn’t do yoga!  Dr. Connie and Gina guide you step by step, always giving alternatives for those that can’t do a move easily. I am actually doing it and enjoying the strength I am beginning to have! Also feeling less body pain which has always been an issue. I would highly recommend this membership and these wonderful classes!!



I love working with disempowered autoimmune victims and seeing them transform through my signature methodology, the Alkaline Method™, to become Self Empowered Healers. I found that when I'm able to shift the limiting beliefs that autoimmune victims hold onto, and provide limitless possibilities in their ability to heal, their lives are transformed forever.


I've been on both sides of the fence, as a practitioner as well as an autoimmune patient for over 20 years. I know what works, but I also know what doesn't work. I know what healing autoimmunity requires and that's exactly what I deliver through my Self Empowered Healing Circle.


It's the ultimate missing gap in your Self Healing Journey that will shift you from sickness to health while putting you in control over your health and life once and for all. It's my mission to help as many of you as possible become Self Empowered Healers and eradicate unnecessary suffering in the world.


Live life on your terms

Feel better

Gain clarity on exactly how to live everyday to heal yourself

Cleanse your mind

Learn to have confidence in yourself

Create healthy habits

Reveal your inner core values

Get rid of your mental blocks and limiting beliefs

Manifest health, wealth, and the best relationships with others

Become hyper aware of your tendencies

Learn how to heal yourself

Unlock the secret to creating the life of your dreams



Become A Member By Joining The Self Empowered Healing Circle For Only $69/month!


Minimum 3 month commitment is required.


When you sign up, you'll receive instant access to the member portal which contains on demand classes, as well as the class schedule where you can sign up for live classes.




Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What if I can't make the live sessions?

What if I've never done Yoga before?

How is this experience different from working with you one on one?

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

What if I have aches and pains, or orthopedic conditions?

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