With autoimmune disease, often our lives begin to feel so overwhelmed and out of control.  With Dr. Connie’s guidance, I have learned that I have the power to change my perspective, actions and results.  This has allowed me to gain more control of my life and by learning how to better handle or process my thoughts, emotions and relationships.


 Understanding my body, how it moves and how to respect my body has also helped me to center myself, increase strength and confidence.  I feel like Dr. Connie really cares about my progress and my health journey (different than most other doctors today).  



  • Are confused and overwhelmed with contradictory information

  • Are sick of feeling "tired", and tired of getting the run around

  • Want a clear path to healing their autoimmunity once and for all

  • Are committed to themselves to heal no matter what

"I first met Dr. Connie in January 2019 as a PT patient. At the time, I was a complete mess, both physically and emotionally. Despite the fact that I looked healthy and fit on the outside, I never felt truly healthy inside and my excessively busy and active lifestyle turned me into a walking "ball of stress". After experiencing several episodes of what I now know were flare-ups, seeing multiple specialists, being tested and scanned for every condition under the sun, I was diagnosed with Mild Relapsing/Remitting MS in November 2019. Although I am blessed to have one of the best neurologists in the MS field, Dr. Connie is the one who helped me through this process more than any other. My visits began as her physical therapy patient but she soon became (and continues to be) my dietary/supplement advisor, mental and emotional supporter and who I go to first with ANY health related questions. Dr. Connie provided me the tools to change my mindset about the diagnosis which I once believed to be a "death" sentence. Our world needs clones of Dr. Connie Jeon to help every person living with an autoimmune disease as well as train the doctors who treat them. But, until cloning is possible, her AMAZING support staff is always available to assist in every way. Dr. Connie saved me from myself that day in January when I first stepped into her office and she can do that for you too. Take a leap of faith and allow her to take you on the journey to better health and you will never look back!"


I personally know what it’s like to suffer, having overcome an autoimmune disease myself (Lupus) along with the abuse and abandonment of a very unhealthy marriage.

This is why as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s board certified in Functional Medicine, a registered and licensed Dietitian, a double certified national Pilates instructor and a nationally registered Yoga Practitioner, I’ve made it my mission to help as many women as possible regain their health so they can thrive, not just survive.

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to regaining health. Using nutrition and lifestyle strategies, I help women deal with the root of their autoimmune condition so they can be at their best and hit their life goals – whatever they may be – career, pregnancy, or just feeling radiant and alive!