Discover The All-Natural Solution to Recovering From Any Autoimmune Condition So You Can Finally Live A Pain-Free Life With Energy, Clarity of Mind, and Purpose

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle Weakness

  • Increased sensitivity to cold

  • Constipation/diarrhea

  • Dry skin

  • Weight gain/loss

  • Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness

  • Heavier than normal or irregular periods

  • Brain fog or Impaired memory

  • Depression

  • Thinning hair

It doesn't matter if you just got sick yesterday, or have been struggling with your health for years…


If you’re tired of just barely surviving each day…


If you want true, lasting health so you can enjoy your family, your job, and your life without resorting to medication or surgery and their side effects…

Then you're in the right place.

I didn't want all the side effects from the medications given to me by my doctors. Due to my autoimmunity and diabetes I had hair loss, constipation, kidney involvement, brain fog, fatigue, and digestive issues for about 30 years. I spent TONS of money trying to find a solution and nothing has ever worked. Finally, I found Dr. Connie and after working with her, I can confidently say all my symptoms have reversed and most importantly, the fear I ad surrounding my disease is gone. All my labs are normal now and I've never felt better. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Connie and her amazing program.


My name is Dr. Connie Jeon, and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s board certified in functional medicine, a registered and licensed dietician, a double certified national Pilates instructor and a nationally registered Yoga Practitioner, I’ve not only helped hundreds of women regain their health... 


...but I’ve personally overcome a life-threatening autoimmune disease in my own life (Lupus).

When I first started having autoimmune problems I was hit hard by: 

  • Disabling fatigue
  • Painful, embarrassing rashes on my hands and face
  • Bald spots, thinning hair, and the loss of my eyebrows
  • Severe depression
  • Uncontrollable shaking and tremors

And a host of other symptoms...

I ended up wasting a lot of time and money going from one doctor to another without getting any answers.


I was misdiagnosed by some, told It was all in my head by others, and eventually given medication to cover my symptoms…

But the side effects were awful and it was clear that medication wasn’t a long-term solution.

After coming face to face with death 3 times I knew I had to make some drastic changes or I wasn't going to make it.

So I took everything I’d learned over my 20 years of medical school, and combined elements from functional medicine, conventional medicine, nutrition, yoga, pilates, psychology and much more…


...And over the next 12 months I put together a regimen that not only saved my life…


... but that left me healthy, focused, and full of energy.


Today all my symptoms are completely gone and I feel far better than I did before I first became ill.

My whole life has changed completely. 

Before finding Dr. Connie I went from specialist to specialist and could never get any clear answers about my mysterious symptoms and health issues. I struggled with high blood pressure and anxiety just to name a few. After doing Dr. Connie's program, everything changed tremendously. My blood pressure has normalized, I feel more calm, and I was able to get off my medications. Dr. Connie and her team helped me every step of the way. My doctors always told me what I had was incurable, but Dr. Connie has given me hope that I don't have to live this way forever.


I now dedicate my life to working one-on-one helping heal patients who suffer from different autoimmune diseases just like I used to... 


...but I know I can't possibly help them all alone... 


Which is why I decided to create “Autoimmune Health Transformation” (AHT). 


It’s a specialized, 6 month program designed to help anyone recover from autoimmune conditions of any kind. 


Your doctor may have told you there's no recovering from your symptoms, that you'll have to stay on your medication forever, or you only have a certain number of years left.


And that's absolutely true...if you continue to follow their protocol.

But I, and countless women like me, are living proof that there are natural, effective solutions to autoimmune diseases such as Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, Lupus, MS, RA and everything in between.

And I'm not talking about just barely surviving through each day. 


I'm talking about enjoying life with energy, clarity of mind, strength, and focus.


You see, healing is an inside job.


All of us have the ability to self heal, we just need to know what steps to take to get there. 


That’s why I created the “Autoimmune Health Transformation” program which is designed to help your body heal naturally so you can live a truly healthy life without dangerous medications or surgery.

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I was diagnosed with lupus in September 2017 and have had many health issues since my diagnosis; I’ve had many rare autoimmune diagnoses as well.


In January of 2018 I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes. I have an endocrinologist and a dietitian through the endo’s office yet I could NOT get control of my diabetes. I was consistently so high that the meter wouldn’t read my blood. The high blood pressure caused me to have blood infections which I had to take antibiotics for. I have been so low my meter wouldn’t read the blood and my doctors were afraid I would have a seizure. I have been on this seesaw for years.


I have been following Dr Connie since my lupus diagnosis. To be quite frank at times i felt hopeless with my health setbacks. I was taking 10-15 different medications a day and the last thing I wanted was to ingest more pills etc.


I learned about Dr. Connie's program. Initially I was reluctant but what I was currently doing wasn’t helping me so I decided to sign up.


Warriors, I am here to tell you not only am I off of steroids, I am off the insulin and my glucose has been stable and most time in the normal range. My skin use to itch like crazy, that too has shown some improvement. You are so worth this program. My prognosis has drastically improved in a month and I’m so looking forward to more healing.


Month 1

Clarity and Vision

In month 1 you’ll meet with Dr. Connie for an Initial Functional Medicine Consultation where she’ll learn more about your health history and uncover the roots cause of your issues to provide you with clarity and insights that will move you forward. You'll immediately begin to reduce inflammation through an elimination diet protocol. You will work on gaining clarity and vision so that you can have a clear health and life goals.  

Month 2

Uncovering Your Subconscious Identity

We are all hardwired to think, feel, and act in a certain way.  This hardwired programming is often what drives our lives which can also be the thing that is most destructive. It's also a blind spot for most of us. We must uncover our subconscious "identity" to enable us to create a new "ideal" identity that will guarantee our results by learning to reprogram our hardwired limiting beliefs based on our past.  

Month 3

Uncovering Your Subconscious Values

Many of us live our lives without giving much thought to our core values. Our core values need to be clear and center in making forward progress in the direction we want. But too often we’re not  aligned with our core values simply because we don’t know what they are. It’s time to discover what your core values are so that you can live your destiny. Additionally, you will be  supported with our signature Alkaline Method™ Detox Protocol  to optimize  metabolism, detoxification, and elimination.

Month 4

Subconscious Reprogramming

In order for us to get rid of old limiting beliefs and identities, we must reprogram our hardwired beliefs and assumptions that tend to keep us stuck. It is in learning to reprogram our beliefs to be in alignment with our core values and vision that we can create our healthiest lives.  Your relationship with yourself determines your success in your health, wealth, and relationships with others.  During this month you'll move into Phase 3 of the Alkaline Method™ Detox Protocol so you can begin to define your CORE food plan.  

Month 5


This month you can expect to feel much, much better. You’ll be eliminating toxins every day, the inflammation in your body will decrease, and you'll finally be emotionally FREE from the past traumas and dramas.  The focus of this month is your habits because we ARE our habits. Our habits can create health or sickness based on what we repeatedly think, feel, and do.  We want to automate healthy habits that will guarantee health and healing.  

Month 6


You are either committed to wellness or illness.  With autoimmunity if you are not  committed to wellness, you will be subject to sickness. Getting honest about what you’re committed to allows us to move forward to clarify and focus on what we want to create.  During this month you'll reach the halfway point of our time together, so this month is super important to ensure you maintain the gains you've made so far, and continue making progress forward.

Month 7

Proactivity Vs Reactivity

Most of us live reactive lives based on our external circumstances and our past experiences. Life doesn't happen to us, it happens for us. This simple mindset shift is all that is required to create longevity and health. Being proactive is a skill that you can easily learn so that you can have your own back and tackle any obstacles by shifting them into an opportunity for improvement, rather than letting the obstacles rob you of your choice to become better. 

Month 8

Self Integrity

Self integrity means keeping  promises to yourself.  It's about self respect, self regard, and self love.  We all lack self integrity.  We tend to keep promises to everybody else, but dismiss promises to ourselves. This tendency is deeply rooted in self sabotage and our indoctrinated beliefs about ourselves.  Learning to be self integral is key in achieving the ultimate transformation you seek to achieve.

Month 9


We forget that we have complete choice over what happens in our lives.  We create the stories of our lives.  Your life and the results of your life are the result of repeated decisions that you make on a daily basis. We make decisions every single day in every facet of our lives - decisions that take us toward health or decisions that take us toward illness.  Making informed decisions that move us toward our health goals is essential to paving our path towards success.

Month 10

Mastering Relationships

The most important relationship we need to focus on is our relationship with ourselves. When we learn to cultivate self love, self respect, and self regard, then and only then can we move towards creating better relationships with others, with our health, and with wealth. This month is all about learning to  cultivate better relationships with ourselves so that we can then move toward having better relationships in all other areas of our lives.

Month 11

Emotional Maturity

Many of us live at the mercy of our feelings.  Our feelings drive our actions and cumulative  actions create the results in your life.  Too many of us don't realize that the precursor to our feelings is our thoughts.  Learning this Mind Mastery Model is the key to transformation.  It's important to understand that the worst thing that can happen to us is our feelings. When you achieve emotional maturity, you’ll be able to have dominion over your mind, body, health, and life.

Month 12

Live Your Purpose and Change “Impossible” to “I’m Possible”

In our final month together we're going to begin looking beyond health restoration, and begin to explore the possibilities that are available to you. You'll learn ways to cultivate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience so you can tackle any obstacles that come your way and dare greatly to create the life of your dreams.  This is the month that will allow you to  expand beyond the limits of your mind and finally be FREE to live your destiny.  

Here's what you'll get:

An Individualized Treatment Path

After an initial Functional Medicine consultation with Dr. Connie, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan specific both to your body and your needs. The symptoms you’re experiencing, your current level of health, and the psychosomatic traumas of your past are unique to your treatment plan must also be unique.

24/7 Access to the Membership Portal

We’ll provide you with online training, videos, and downloadable worksheets where you can follow along and take notes so you don't miss a thing. The portal is always being updated with new lessons, live class recordings, and learning tools. Your AHT membership includes lifetime access.

Direct Access to Me

You'll have direct access to me during our group coaching calls every other month where I’ll hold live educational health seminars, guided meditation, cooking tutorials, mindset coaching sessions, and much more. During this time I’ll also be available to answer all your questions live.  Each session is recorded and uploaded to your member portal.

The Autoimmune Health Transformation Community

AHT provides access to a community of like-minded women committed to regaining true health as naturally as possible in order to minimize their dependence on medications and surgery. Together this tight-knit community will support you on your healing journey, celebrate your wins and be there for you when you need help. And of course I’ll be right there with you every minute, guiding you along every step of the way.

Direct Access to My Team​

You’ll receive group accountability coaching sessions every other week where you can ask questions on any symptoms you may be experiencing, get clarification on different parts of the treatment process, express any concerns you may have, get live movement sessions with one of our Alkaline Method™ Movement Specialists, share any wins you have from the week, and a whole lot more.

Structured And Scheduled Accountability Tracking

We provide you with access to our AHT app that delivers your customized treatment plan to you everyday. This allows you to track progress, symptoms, metrics, activity, and meals all in one place. You can also message our team directly for support, accountability, and ongoing encouragement.

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"With autoimmune disease, often our lives begin to feel so overwhelmed and out of control.  With Dr. Connie’s program, I have learned that I have the power to change my perspective, actions and results.  This has allowed me to gain more control of my life and by learning how to better handle or process my thoughts, emotions and relationships.


 Understanding my body, how it moves and how to respect my body has also helped me to center myself, increase strength and confidence. I like having the accountability coach to keep me on track and having personalized assistance with my diet plan.


I feel like Dr. Connie really cares about my progress and my health journey (different than most other doctors today).  I do believe that it is beneficial to work with a functional medicine doctor and I highly recommend this program."


Here’s a closer look at what we cover in the 6 Month AHT program:



Detox, Inflammation, and Elimination

“Respect and honor your Temple and it will honor you.” ― Supa Nova Slom

In month 1 we’ll begin with one of the most important parts of your healing journey...


...removing toxins and reducing the inflammation in your body.
You’ll meet with Dr. Connie for an Initial Functional Medicine Consultation where she’ll learn more about your health history and uncover the roots of your issues.
After meeting with Connie, you’ll be given a customized treatment plan specific to your symptoms and condition, and then begin the Alkaline Detox Protocol (ADP).


The ADP is a 3 month gut healing, anti-inflammatory protocol, which is split up into 3 phases:

During Phase 2 you’ll also be provided with a complete anti-inflammatory meal plan with recipes for specific meals and snacks to eat



The next 45 days are the Reintroduction Phase. This is the most important phase of the ADP because we’ll begin reintroducing all the foods that were eliminated during the Detox Phase.

By the end of Phase 3 you’ll know exactly which foods are causing inflammation or other problems in your body, and what foods you can safely eat.



Self Healing

“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.” Eric Micha'el Leventhal


We hear so much about holistic medicine these days. 


The problem is most people only focus on the body…


...but if we really look at the whole self and who we make up as complete human beings, we're much more than just a physical body. 

The problem is these thoughts create feelings, and feelings go on to create either helpful or harmful vibrational frequencies in our bodies.

In fact, stress can be deadly.

But it doesn’t end there. 


Sadness or depression doesn’t only bring us down emotionally, it also suppresses our immune system... 


...and that anxiety, anger, or hopeless feeling you can't seem to shake is not only stealing your peace, but your health as well.

That's why in month 2, as we move through Phase 2 of the ADP, we’ll also begin to pay special attention to the thoughts you’re thinking, the effects they’re having on your body, and what you can do about it.



Self-love, Self-regard, Self-respect

“It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on the earth as though I had a right to be here.” ― James Baldwin


Have you ever wondered why so many people get all these expensive medical tests done, and the doctor still doesn't see anything wrong with them?

It’s because much of what makes us sick can't be tested with a machine, and can't be fixed with a pill or a diet change. 


It took coming face-to-face with death to finally see how much anger I had suppressed on the inside of me…and it didn’t help matters that my self-esteem was in the gutter, and that self-pity and depression ruled my life.


It's not an exaggeration to say that I hated myself during that time of my life. 


It took a lot of inner work and self-reflection to finally bring me to a realization that shook me to my core: 

It was my own poisoned emotions that were killing me.

I was literally sabotaging myself with my own thoughts. 


They were creating the inflammation, the stress, and the toxic internal environment for the autoimmune disease already ravaging my body to take deeper control…


...and it almost killed me.


The day I finally got honest with myself and began to implement the strategies I'll teach you during month 3 was the day I started taking steps towards true lasting health.

Cause here’s the thing, you can’t hate yourself and ever truly be healthy.


If you don't have: 

  • Self-Regard
  • Self-Respect 
  • And Self-Love 

Then even if you follow all the eating plans I give you, take all the supplements, do all the yoga, and adhere to all the other protocols in the AHT program, you're still going to struggle to get well.

The good news is, there are easy, step-by-step processes to get away from the toxic thinking patterns you may have.


In month 3 I'll show you how.

That's why in month 4, after cultivating the self-love, self-regard, and self-respect we need to support us in attaining true health, we're going to focus on becoming emotionally resilient. 


My goal for you is that you not only heal from past wounds, but know what to do with new wounds or traumas as they present themselves in your life.


Because if there's one thing we can count on in this world, it’s that there will always be people who come into our lives and hurt or abuse us…


...even if that person is us.


It's what you do in those situations that determine whether you fall back into illness or not.



Mind-Body Mastery

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


By this point you’re going to be feeling much, much better.


You’ll be eliminating toxins every day, the inflammation in your body will be greatly reduced, and emotionally you’ll be becoming free of past traumas and toxic emotions that have been holding you hostage (possibly for years).


As a result, the pain in your body will be gone (or reducing), clarity of mind will be returning, and you’ll be waking up each morning feeling well-rested, energetic, and comfortable in your own skin.

In month 5 we're going to double down on your healing journey by teaching you the inherent power you have over your own health and well-being.


Because at the end of the day: your health is your responsibility. 


Yours and yours alone. 

By having the “owner's manual” on how your mind and body work together as a single, harmonious unit, you'll now be the one calling the shots on whether you ever get sick or not again.



From “Impossible” to “I’m Possible”

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” ― Lalah Delia


In our final month together we're going to begin looking past just restoring your health, and start to take a look into the future of what's possible for you and your life.


I no longer want you to think in terms of something being “impossible” ever again, but rather in terms of “I’m possible” because by this point you'll have gained the tools necessary where anything and everything you put your mind to will become possible to you. 

You’ll learn to have thoughts, feelings, and actions that are so powerfully in your control that you can now choose to create whatever result you want in your life. 


In month 6, I'll show you how.

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I first met Dr. Connie in January 2019 as a PT patient. At the time, I was a complete mess, both physically and emotionally. Despite the fact that I looked healthy and fit on the outside, I never felt truly healthy inside and my excessively busy and active lifestyle turned me into a walking "ball of stress".


After experiencing several episodes of what I now know were flare-ups, seeing multiple specialists, being tested and scanned for every condition under the sun, I was diagnosed with Mild Relapsing/Remitting MS in November 2019. Although I am blessed to have one of the best neurologists in the MS field, Dr. Connie is the one who helped me through this process more than any other. My visits began as her physical therapy patient but she soon became (and continues to be) my dietary/supplement advisor, mental and emotional supporter and who I go to first with ANY health related questions. Dr. Connie provided me the tools to change my mindset about the diagnosis which I once believed to be a "death" sentence.


Our world needs clones of Dr. Connie Jeon to help every person living with an autoimmune disease as well as train the doctors who treat them. But, until cloning is possible, her AMAZING support staff is always available to assist in every way. Dr. Connie saved me from myself that day in January when I first stepped into her office and she can do that for you too. Take a leap of faith and allow her to take you on the journey to better health and you will never look back!"


I know, because I once sat where you are now. 


I had done “all the things”...tried all the treatments...and I was exhausted, skeptical, and without anymore hope.


But if I had given up, if I hadn't tried one more time, taken that one last chance, I wouldn't be here today to help you.


It’s because I’ve been given that second chance that I’ve poured everything I have into this program.


I’ve invested more than 20 years of my life into medical training and well over $250,000 in specialized education to bring AHT to you. 


I can show you the way, give you the tools, and provide you with all the support that you need in order to get your life back again.


But I can't make the decision for you.

So the question you have to ask yourself now is, how much is your health worth to you?


6 Equal Payments of $1200

Lifetime Access to the Membership Portal with constant updates, so you can continue to optimize your health with updated information long after your program is complete
​​Monthly Functional Medicine Visits with Dr. Connie to address your health needs

Regular Live Training Sessions with Dr. Connie to learn more about reversing autoimmunity holistically

Private Facebook Community where you can connect with other autoimmune rebels who are on a similar path. This is also where Dr. Connie shows up live to answer your questions in real time

Your Own Accountability Coach to keep you on track, focused, and motivated throughout your time in the program

Alkaline Detox Protocol for Autoimmunity to eliminate toxins from your body, heal your gut, and decrease inflammation so you can get your symptoms under control

Principled Approach which focuses on the fundamental concepts of optimal health and physiology, rather than a "tactics based" approach



*Specialty labs offered but extra fees may apply*

You Can Also Pay In Full And Save $300

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I've tried many different holistic and conventional interventions only to have marginal results.  It wasn't until I stumbled onto Dr. Connie's work that I was given hope for healing.  Despite how I felt (terrible due to lupus flare), Dr. Connie's message gave me inspiration to continue to move forward.  Unlike many Doctors out there who are focused on theoretical understanding of autoimmunity, Dr. Connie pours her heart and soul into all that she does.  The most important thing that shifted my health was her ability to hold me accountable through the message that she continues to share from a place of "knowing" and "caring."


Now the ball’s in your court…

6 months from now you could be looking back on this moment as the best decision you ever made, while your symptoms drop off one by one and you begin to gain back your energy, clarity of mind, strength, flexibility, endurance, and health... 


...or 6 months from now you could be going to the same doctors, taking the same medications, and fighting the same symptoms and their side effects as your health continues to decline while you waste yet another year of your life with no change. 


If you’re reading this right now and think the AHT program might be right for you I want you to click the button below and schedule a call with me.

I’d love to hear your story so we can find out together

if this program is a good fit for you.