The Ultimate, Comprehensive Solution to Reverse Any Autoimmune Condition So You Can Finally Thrive With Vision, Focus, and Drive to CREATE the Health and Life of Your Dreams

Are you tired of struggling with the following?

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle weakness

  • Increased sensitivity to cold

  • Constipation/diarrhea

  • Dry skin

  • Weight gain/loss

  • Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness

  • Heavier than normal or irregular periods

  • Brain fog or impaired memory

  • Depression

  • Thinning hair

Have you tried various holistic treatments, including functional medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, massage, diets, supplements, etc...


yet you feel like you're just barely surviving each day?


It's because you're missing an essential ingredient for reversing your symptoms. You must stop DOing all the things you "think" you should do, and focus on BEing who you need to be to create the health you desire.


Healing really is an inside job. Everything else will only provide you with partial results. 

You must CHOOSE a different path than the one you've been on.

I didn't want all the side effects from the medications given to me by my doctors. Due to my autoimmunity and diabetes I had hair loss, constipation, kidney involvement, brain fog, fatigue, and digestive issues for 30 years. I spent TONS of money trying to find a solution and nothing has ever worked. Finally I found Dr. Connie and after working with her, I can confidently say all my symptoms have reversed and most importantly, the fear of my disease is gone. All my labs are normal now and I've never felt better. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Connie and her amazing program.


My name is Dr. Connie Jeon, and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s board certified in Functional Medicine, a registered and licensed Dietitian, a double certified national Pilates instructor and a nationally registered Yoga Practitioner, I’ve not only helped hundreds of women regain their health... 


...but I’ve personally overcome a life-threatening autoimmune disease in my own life (Lupus).

When I first started having autoimmune problems I was hit hard by: 

  • Disabling fatigue
  • Painful, embarrassing rashes on my hands and face
  • Bald spots, thinning hair, and the loss of my eyebrows
  • Severe depression
  • Uncontrollable shaking and tremors

And a host of other symptoms...


I ended up wasting a lot of time and money going from one doctor to another without getting any answers.


I was misdiagnosed by some, told it was all in my head by others, and eventually given medication to cover my symptoms…

But the side effects were awful and it was clear that medication wasn’t a long-term solution.

After coming face to face with death 4 times I knew I had to make some drastic changes or I wasn't going to make it.

So I took everything I’d learned over my 20 years of medical school, and combined elements from functional medicine, conventional medicine, nutrition, yoga, pilates, psychology and much more…


...And over the next 12 months I put together a regimen that not only saved my life…


... but left me healthy, focused, and full of energy.


Today all my symptoms are completely gone and I feel far better than I did before I first became ill.

My whole life has changed completely. 

Before finding Dr. Connie I went from specialist to specialist and could never get any clear answers about my mysterious symptoms and health issues. I would struggle with high blood pressure and anxiety just to name a few. After doing Dr. Connie's program, everything changed tremendously. My blood pressure has normalized, I feel more calm, and I was able to get off my medications. Dr. Connie and her team helped me every step of the way. My doctors always told me what I had was incurable, but Dr. Connie has given me hope that I don't have to live this way forever.


Reversing Autoimmunity Is Not A Sprint, It's A Marathon

Doctors in holistic and conventional medicine only provide one-off treatments or programs.


I realized autoimmune patients need drastic transformation. They need a knowledgeable yet compassionate mentor, support, accountability, tough love, and a proven blueprint to follow.


They need a way of life, which is why I decided to create the Autoimmune Health Transformation.


It's a strategic, foolproof 12 month program designed to shift your subconscious and conscious mind so you achieve complete transformation and long term results, rather than a surface level plan or program that provides only minimal results at best.


It's the inner work that allows for outer healing.

Unlike any other program or treatment you've tried, Autoimmune Health Transformation uses our proprietary method, the Alkaline Method™, to provide you with a step by step formula for your ultimate healing.


This program will shift you from being a disempowered victim to an empowered rebel.


Because the truth is that medical care really is sick care. And sick care is what's slowly killing you.

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I was diagnosed with lupus in September 2017 and have had many health issues since my diagnosis; I’ve had many rare autoimmune diagnoses as well.

In January of 2018 I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes. I have an endocrinologist and a dietitian through the endo’s office yet I could NOT get control of my diabetes. I was consistently so high that the meter wouldn’t read my blood. The high blood pressure caused me to have blood infections which I had to take antibiotics for. I have been so low my meter wouldn’t read the blood and my doctors were afraid I would have a seizure. I have been on this seesaw for years.

I have been following Dr Connie since my lupus diagnosis. To be quite frank at times i felt hopeless with my health setbacks. I was taking 10-15 different medications a day and the last thing I wanted was to ingest more pills etc.

I learned about Dr. Connie's program. Initially I was reluctant but what I was currently doing wasn’t helping me so I decided to sign up.

Warriors, I am here to tell you not only am I off of steroids, I am off the insulin and my glucose has been stable and most time in the normal range. My skin use to itch like crazy, that too has shown some improvement.You are so worth this program. My prognosis has drastically improved in a month and I’m so looking forward to more healing.



Elements of the Alkaline Method™

Click the video below to listen to Dr. Connie explain our proprietary Alkaline Method™.

Here's what we'll cover

Month 1

Clarity and Vision

In Month 1, you’ll start with some inner work that will guide you in defining your ideal outcomes for your life. "A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder." -Thomas Carlyle. You must figure out where you want to go before you can figure out how to get there. This work will provide you with clarity and insights that will move you forward in your healing journey. Additionally, you'll immediately begin to reduce inflammation through an elimination diet protocol.

Month 2

Uncovering Your Subconscious Identity

We are all hardwired to think, feel, and act in a certain way. This hardwired programming is often what drives our lives which can also be the thing that is most destructive. It's also a blind spot for most of us. We must uncover our subconscious "identity" to enable us to create a new "ideal" identity that will guarantee our results by learning to reprogram our hardwired limiting beliefs based on our past.

Month 3

Uncovering Your Subconscious Values

Many of us live our lives without giving much thought to our core values. Our core values need to be clear and center in making forward progress in the direction we want. But too often we're not aligned with our core values simply because we don't know what they are. It's time to discover what your core values are so that you can live your destiny. Additionally, you will be supported with our signature Alkaline Method™ Detox Protocol to optimize metabolism, detoxification, and elimination.

Month 4

Subconscious Reprogramming

In order for us to get rid of old limiting beliefs and identities, we must reprogram our hardwired beliefs and assumptions that tend to keep us stuck. It is in learning to reprogram our beliefs to be in alignment with our core values and vision that we can create our healthiest lives. Your relationship with yourself determines your success in your health, wealth, and relationships with others. During this month you'll move into Phase 3 of the Alkaline Method™ Detox Protocol so you can begin to define your CORE food plan.

Month 5


This month you can expect to feel much, much better. You'll be eliminating toxins everyday, the inflammation in your body will decrease, and you'll finally be  emotionally FREE from your past traumas and dramas. The focus of this month is your habits because we ARE our habits. Our habits can create health or sickness based on what we repeatedly think, feel, and do. We want to automate healthy habits that will guarantee health and healing.

Month 6


You are either committed to wellness or illness. With autoimmunity if you are not committed to wellness, you will be subject to sickness. Getting honest about what you're committed to allows us to move forward to clarify and focus on what we want to create. During this month you'll reach the halfway point of our time together, so this month is super important to ensure you maintain the gains you've made so far, and continue making progress forward.

Month 7

Proactivity Vs Reactivity

Most of us live reactive lives based on our external circumstances and our past experiences. Life doesn't happen to us, it happens for us. This simple mindset shift is all that is required to create longevity and health. Being proactive is a skill that you can easily learn so that you can have your own back and tackle any obstacles by shifting them into an opportunity for improvement, rather than letting the obstacles rob you of your choice to become better.

Month 8

Self Integrity

Self integrity means keeping promises to yourself. It's about self respect, self regard, and self love. We all lack self integrity. We tend to keep promises to everybody else, but dismiss promises to ourselves. This tendency is deeply rooted in self sabotage and our indoctrinated beliefs about ourselves. Learning to be self integral is key in achieving the ultimate transformation you seek to achieve.

Month 9


We forget that we have complete choice over what happens in our lives. We create the stories of our lives. Your life and the results of your life are the result of repeated decisions that you make on a daily basis. We make decisions every single day in every facet of our lives - decisions that take us toward health or decisions that take us toward illness. Making informed decisions that move us toward our health goals is essential to paving our path towards success.

Month 10

Mastering Relationships

The most important relationship we need to focus on is our relationship with ourselves. When we learn to cultivate self love, self respect, and self regard, then and only then can we move towards creating better relationships with others, with our health, and with wealth. This month is all about learning to cultivate better relationships with ourselves so that we can then move towards having better relationships in all other areas of our lives.

Month 11

Emotional Maturity

Many of us live at the mercy of our feelings. Our feelings drive our actions and cumulative actions create the results in your life. Too many of us don't realize that the precursor to our feelings is our thoughts. Learning this Mind Mastery Formula is the key to transformation. It's important to understand that the worst thing that can happen to us is our feelings. When you achieve emotional maturity, you'll be able to have dominion over your mind, body, and life.

Month 12

Live Your Purpose and Change "Impossible" to "I'm Possible"

In our final month together, we're going to begin looking beyond health restoration, and begin to explore the possibilities that are available to you. You'll learn ways to cultivate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience so you can tackle any obstacles that come your way and dare greatly to create the life of your dreams. This is the month that will allow you to expand beyond the limits of your mind and finally be FREE to live your destiny.

How You'll Achieve Transformation With The Alkaline Method™

Subconscious Mind

  • Foundation, Beliefs, and Identity: Most people operate from learned identities and beliefs. Key is to uncover these to move towards ideal identities and beliefs.
  • Alignment: We can't do what we are not. This is why many programs fail for most of us. Learn how to align yourself to create success.
  • Core Values, Mission, and Vision: Rather than living from adapted values, vision, and mission, it's time to live YOUR true values, vision, and mission.

Conscious Mind

  • Polarity: Life is a paradox - it's never black and white. There's a whole lot of messy grey in the middle. Key is to learn to embrace the polarities in life to create peace within.
  • Breath: Most people live stuck in the past and create more of the same. We must live in the present moment to create the future of your dreams.
  • Balance: Self loathing, self disrespect, and self disregard enslaves most people into unhealthy relationships with health, wealth, and other people. We must move towards self love, self respect, and self regard to set healthy boundaries and prioritize self care.

Modern Functional Medicine

  • HPA (Stress-Brain) Axis: Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is a stress response system in the body. This can affect our hormones. We address imbalances with diet, supplements, and exercise.
  • Gut-Brain Axis: Gut permeability leads to inflammation and food sensitivities. We balance the gut-brain with a proprietary protocol known as the Alkaline Detox Protocol.
  • Immune Brain Axis: Autoimmunity is a result of an overactive immune system due to HPA axis and gut-brain axis imbalances. We help you to balance these axes, resulting in a balanced immune-brain axis.
  • Metabolism-Detoxification-Elimination: The ultimate goal with our functional medicine approach is to enhance metabolism, detoxification, and elimination, three essential processes in the body.

Timeless Wisdom

  • Yoga: Yoga is the ultimate path towards your self healing journey. Alkaline Yoga Method allows for self evolution and growth.
  • Meditation: In silence we can find our true selves. Through the practice of meditation and guided meditation, we allow for transformation.
  • Spirituality: We believe transcending beyond the physical and honoring timeless wisdom to guide our transformative paths. We believe in miraculous workings of higher wisdom to guide our healing.

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"With autoimmune disease, often our lives begin to feel so overwhelmed and out of control.  With Dr. Connie’s program, I have learned that I have the power to change my perspective, actions and results.  This has allowed me to gain more control of my life by learning how to better handle or process my thoughts, emotions and relationships.


Understanding my body, how it moves and how to respect my body has also helped me to center myself, increase strength and confidence. I like having the accountability coach to keep me on track and having personalized assistance with my diet plan.


I feel like Dr. Connie really cares about my progress and my health journey (different than most other doctors today).  I do believe that it is beneficial to work with a functional medicine doctor and I highly recommend this program."


I first met Dr. Connie in January 2019 as a PT patient. At the time, I was a complete mess, both physically and emotionally. Despite the fact that I looked healthy and fit on the outside, I never felt truly healthy inside and my excessively busy and active lifestyle turned me into a walking "ball of stress".

After experiencing several episodes of what I now know were flare-ups, seeing multiple specialists, being tested and scanned for every condition under the sun, I was diagnosed with Mild Relapsing/Remitting MS in November 2019. Although I am blessed to have one of the best neurologists in the MS field, Dr. Connie is the one who helped me through this process more than any other. My visits began as her physical therapy patient but she soon became (and continues to be) my dietary/supplement advisor, mental and emotional supporter and who I go to first with ANY health related questions. Dr. Connie provided me the tools to change my mindset about the diagnosis which I once believed to be a "death" sentence.

Our world needs clones of Dr. Connie Jeon to help every person living with an autoimmune disease as well as train the doctors who treat them. But, until cloning is possible, her AMAZING support staff is always available to assist in every way. Dr. Connie saved me from myself that day in January when I first stepped into her office and she can do that for you too. Take a leap of faith and allow her to take you on the journey to better health and you will never look back! 


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You might be wondering what all this costs, and that's a fair question.


But let me ask you this: how much have you already spent on doctor's visits, tests, medications, and surgeries that have done nothing to help you...or even made you worse?


More importantly, how many years have you lost to this disease while your life continues to pass you by?


It took me 20 years, but only when I understood my own self-worth and value did I begin to invest the time and money I needed in order to finally regain my health. 


It took so many years...but I finally realized I had a special calling in my life, something to share with the world that no one else had... 


...and so do you.

It’s not an accident that you're reading this right now.


You have value, and a special purpose for your life.


I believe that.


But you can't fulfill the calling in your life -- whatever that may be -- if you're sick and slowly dying.

I know, because I once sat where you are now. 


I had done “all the things”...tried all the treatments...and I was exhausted, skeptical, and without anymore hope.


But if I had given up, if I hadn't tried one more time, taken that one last chance, I wouldn't be here today to help you.


It’s because I’ve been given that second chance that I’ve poured everything I have into this program.


I’ve invested more than 20 years of my life into medical training and well over $250,000 in specialized education to bring AHT to you. 


I can show you the way, give you the tools, and provide you with all the support that you need in order to get your life back again.


But I can't make the decision for you.

So the question you have to ask yourself now is, how much is your health worth to you?

I've tried many different holistic and conventional interventions only to have marginal results.  It wasn't until I stumbled onto Dr. Connie's work that I was given hope for healing.  Despite how I felt (terrible due to lupus flare), Dr. Connie's message gave me inspiration to continue to move forward. 


Unlike many Doctors out there who are focused on theoretical understanding of autoimmunity, Dr. Connie pours her heart and soul into all that she does.  The most important thing that shifted my health was her ability to hold me accountable through the message that she continues to share from a place of "knowing" and "caring".


Now the ball’s in your court…

12 months from now you could be looking back on this moment as the best decision you ever made, while your symptoms drop off one by one and you begin to gain back your energy, clarity of mind, strength, flexibility, endurance, and health... 


...or 12 months from now you could be going to the same doctors, taking the same medications, and fighting the same symptoms and their side effects as your health continues to decline while you waste yet another year of your life with no change. 


If you’re reading this right now and think the AHT program might be right for you I want you to click the button below and schedule a call with me.

I’d love to hear your story so we can find out together

if this program is a good fit for you.


It's possible that this program isn't the right fit for you. Maybe our method doesn't resonate with you. Or maybe you're not quite ready to put in the work that's required.




We only want to work with those who are a perfect fit for us. Let's make sure you're the right fit.


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I was at my wits end when I met Dr. Connie over a decade ago.  My father had passed, I had a conflicting relationship with my mom and brother, and my marriage was on the rocks.  My health was declining and Dr. Connie was able to provide me with a clear cut plan to follow which allowed me to lose 20+ lbs and got me hooked on Hot Yoga which helped me to shift my perspective over my life.  Today I am in full control over my health and life and am thriving in my marriage, career, and my relationship with my family is better than ever before.